Such a superior turn of phrase, all hail King Twisty!

“King Twisty” (as she was crowned some weeks ago, I think as King of the ‘Cult of the One True Feminism’), is just superb.

This just made me smile from beginning to end:

Before you start high-fivin’ everybody over at Hairy-Leg HQ in anticipation of the demise of white male domination, please note that Michael J Silverstein is blowing smoke up our ass. The “we” to whom he alludes is clearly a white male middle-class, nuclear-family-based “we”, exclusive of anyone who does not already possess a certain level of education and buying power. Silverstein’s comical, so-called “first step to a matriarchal society” will certainly coincide with porcine aviation before it leads to anything remotely resembling the crumbling of patriarchy.

Brilliant, just brilliant. No wonder she was crowned our King!
All hail!

Your most loyal, humble and obedient subject,

2 Responses to “Such a superior turn of phrase, all hail King Twisty!”

  1. simplywondered Says:

    still bound up with the old patriarchal power structures, then?

  2. stormcloud Says:

    Someone else dubbed Twisty “King”, I have no idea why. Not sure if I ‘approve’ or not of ‘king’, but going with the flow.

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