Coda—So long and thanks for all the fish


Stormyblog is now an ‘ex-parrot’.

EDIT 2008: I have restored the Bee posts. Mainly because the wasps copypasta’d them ad infinitum. And what a sad bunch they are too. Over a year after this blog was laid to rest, it still gets incoming hits from Fetch Me My Axe et al. What a sad bunch you are. 

I removed the Bees and Bugs posts as this was the only way to break the incoming links, and for no other reason, speculate as much as you want—it ain’t gunna make it true.

It is clear that if I continue to post at this URL, everything I will say will be twisted and distorted to ‘prove’ the lies generated, in effect strawfeminist. This is counterproductive, and would lead to self-censoring when blogging, or at the very least, having to explain every fucking sentence in painful detail to clarify meaning. And dare I say, quite the buzz-kill.

As I have already been compared to Stalinist armies and god-knows-what, let me make it easier for you—I am also singlehandedly responsible for global warming, international terrorism, and killing kittens on a mass scale.

Ciao, Stormy

* * *

Coda = a musical term, denoting the END of a musical passage
So long and thanks for all the fish =  Title of the fourth book in the five-part-trilogy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It was also the message left by the dolphins as they left earth.

* * *

PS—I ask that wasps refrain from linking to this post, copy the damn thing if you wish, but don’t link to it—I do NOT want bloghits from your sector.

[Restored] It’s a bug’s life — epilogue

The wasps and the ants - fulfilling each other’s desires…

Who really knew that, within just a few days, pictures of bees, and references to bees, would propagate across the blogosphere? Well actually, I kinda did, that was in part, the point of the post—the wasps do a lotta watching, or more correctly, monitoring.

Also, some were a little unclear about some aspects of the post, and I had a few loose ends to tie up. So this is, for my part, a wrap up on recent events, and certainly not a reflaming attempt.

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Has anything really changed in 30 years?

Clearly, by wearing this, he was asking for it 

Thanks to Ms Violet SocksBecause it bears repeating‘ (and Ms Jared). “The Legal Bias Against Rape Victims (The Rape of Mr. Smith).” was written just over 30 years ago, by Connie K. Borkenhagen, for the American Bar Association Journal, April, 1975.

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Now for something completely different…

…for those of you over 12.

We are the Bumblebee’s Front of Judea—not the Judean Bumblebee’s Front—or the Judean Popular Bumblebee’s Front…

[Restored] Bumblebees

Fluffy bumblebee

A story of some bumblebees. There were a few hives, not many really. You can recognise the bumblebees, they are the fluffy ones. Anyway, a small community of bumble bees started up, and getting along quite nicely. Bumblebees are not to be confused with the normal honeybees, normal honey bees tend to conform to most of things expected of honey bees, like looking like honey bees should, and behaving like honey bees should.

And then there are the wasps. The wasps tend to fly around in twos and threes initially, but before you know it, there are more wasps. You can recognised the wasps, not so much by them looking at pictures of pollination, but about free buzzing (apparently). I think it’s the pictures of pollination. Don’t get me wrong, many bumblebees (and honeybees) enjoy the pollination, but not necessarily looking at the pollination. The bumblebee stance is usually that pictures of the pollination objectify bees, all bees.

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Unbelievable claptrap—straight from the 1950s

1950s housewives rebel

This little gem surfaced in the news yesterday: “Housework cuts breast cancer risk” (full article repeated below). Quite simply, I can dismiss this yet more patriarchical bullshit on two grounds without even delving any deeper.

Point 1: Men get breast cancer too, although not in as greater numbers, therefore, men doing housework should cut their risk as well. Strangely, not mentioned that the lazy fucks should pick up a broom.

Point 2: I know this is spin when they say shit like: “Dusting, mopping and vacuuming was also better than having a physical job.” So the patriarchy spin-meisters have covered their bullshitting little butts by saying housework is better than a job outside the home. FFS, was I really born yesterday?

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The new year spam survey

Chinese New Year
Picture from Dave’s Digital Photo Art Gallery 

Sparkle has agreed to monitor and save her spam for content comparison with mine, and if any of my other regulars would like to join in, you are welcome to do so.

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